Discussion Forum

Welcome to the new Trail Report web site, a support web site for the San Gabriel Mountains Trailbuilders. Here you will find information about the hiking trails our organization maintains and supports, and you will find a discussion forum where you may report trail problems, suggest trail repairs or improvements, and find out about general trail conditions.

The discussion forum is open to anyone, hikers, bikers, campers, climbers, fishers, backpackers, and everyone else can talk about the many hiking and nature trails that the Trailbuilders are responsible for, offering each other photographs and GPS coordinates for obstructions along trails, erosion problems, and any other problems which are encountered along the approximately 110 miles of trails that the Trailbuilders maintain.

If you find trail signs that are missing or damaged, they should be reported as well, if you get the opportunity. With damaged or missing signs it is often useful to get a good description of where the sign is located or where it should be located. The text on the damaged or missing signs is also helpful to know so that the signs may be replaced or new signs installed.

Hiking and nature trails which are outside of the normal Trailbuilder region for maintenance can also be discussed and if possible problems along trails not traditionally maintained by the Trailbuilders can be looked at and either the Trailbuilders can schedule repairs or the proper organization which traditionally maintains those trails can be contacted by the Trailbuilders to schedule repairs.

Trail Repairs

From this web site you may download a list of the hiking trails which the Trailbuilders maintain in either TEXT FORMAT or as a Microsoft WORD FORMAT document (Last Update: 07/Mar/14.)

The list of trails has the GPS coordinates of trailheads as well as other relevant information. Note that the list of trails is an on-going project and that the list will be updated from time to time. If you acquire the list of trails, be sure to download the latest version if you notice that yours is out of date.

The Trailbuilders have an on-going project to get all of the hiking and nature signage along all of the trails they are responsible for replaced if they are missing, and part of that effort is to etch the GPS coordinates of each sign on to the signs themselves so that hikers can assist in reporting damage by including the GPS coordinates, if still legible.

We hope that if you get recreation within the Crystal Lake Recreation Area, along West Fork and East Fork of the San Gabriel River you will help us keep track of trail conditions, problems, discuss solutions with us, and participate in the maintenance of the trail system within our section of the Angeles National Forest.

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